Break It Down | Make It Better: Find Your Place

The 10th year of Break It Down | Make It Better will be held on Friday, March, 24th from 10:30AM–5:30PM. Tickets are on sale now!

The only annual professional development conference for artists in West Michigan, it is a time for the region’s artists to gain new skills, form connections with one another, dream together as a creative community, and find inspiration in the journeys of others. This year we are excited to welcome attendees to the historic Federal Building, generously provided by Kendall College of Art and Design.

This year’s theme is Find Your Place and focuses on creative placemaking, a practice in which the arts are used to strengthen communities. It’s a rare opportunity to explore big community questions: How can we in West Michigan make art a powerful part of peoples’ lives? How can art feel relevant and meaningful? How do we best collaborate with each other, whether that’s artist to artist or with a non-arts partner? What special skills and knowledge can artists contribute to our broader community? How do we create long-lasting change, whether within an individual or at a city-wide level?

We’ll dive into these questions through a keynote lecture, 20 locally-led breakout sessions (roundtables, workshops, and presentations), a panel discussion, and, plenty of time to socialize during lunch and happy hour.

** A limited number of scholarship tickets are available for those who need them. Those who are interested can email JoLee Caseras at

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